Oct. 1st, 2013

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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thanks so much for picking one of my fandoms! I can pretty much guarantee that whatever you write me, I'll love (that's why I picked the fandoms I picked, after all) so don't feel pressured! Whatever you do, I'll love. A good, well written story is definitely much better than a poorly written story shoved together just to fill a prompt. So write what inspires you!

That being said, here's a quick list of things that make me love a story.
-I would really rather NOT read het (what can I say, girls have cooties!). I occasionally read gen, but I'd much rather read slash.
-I really really like slash.
-I like angst in my fics.
-I like dark topics (non-con/dub-con, h/c, trauma etc) not so much because the act of torturing someone is awesome (it's really not, although well-written S/M scenes are great) but because I like the psychological effects. I like reading the fall-out more than the act itself, if that makes sense.
-Some of these fandoms don't really lend themselves to dark fic, but don't worry! I like crack fics too!

I've offered a few story ideas specific to each fandom below in case your Muses aren't co-operating, but please don't feel obligated to go any particular direction. I'm happy to just read new stories in these often overlooked fandoms.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters )

Red Dwarf )

Dark Shadows )

Coldfire Trilogy - C. S. Friedman )

Ant Muzak )

Manimal )


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