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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thanks so much for picking one of my fandoms! I can pretty much guarantee that whatever you write me, I'll love (that's why I picked the fandoms I picked, after all) so don't feel pressured! Whatever you do, I'll love. A good, well written story is definitely much better than a poorly written story shoved together just to fill a prompt. So write what inspires you!

That being said, here's a quick list of things that make me love a story.
-I would really rather NOT read het (what can I say, girls have cooties!). I occasionally read gen, but I'd much rather read slash.
-I really really like slash.
-I like angst in my fics.
-I like dark topics (non-con/dub-con, h/c, etc) not so much because the act of torturing someone is awesome (it's really not, although well-written S/M scenes are great) but because I like the psychological effects. I like reading the fall-out more than the act itself, if that makes sense.
-Some of these fandoms don't really lend themselves to dark fic, but don't worry! I like crack fics too!

Fandom specific, what I would like to see is:

Adam and the Ants - If you picked this fandom, you are my new favouritest person ever! I'm a big Adam/Marco fan, of course, but you're welcome to stay gen with this. You can set it in the 1980s, include the whole band or just a few members, I'm fine with whatever. My preferred incarnation of Ants is the Prince Charming Era ("Marco, Merrick, Terry Lee, Gary Tibbs and Yours Truly") but if you prefer earlier Ants (big fan of Kev Mooney, maybe?) or even feel like working with the solo years backing band (hey, Chris De Niro and Count Wiczling are cute, too) I'm up for it. As long as Adam's in there, I'm easy! If we're going somewhere dark with this, maybe have the Ants trying to deal with one of Adam's depressions, or the fall-out from one of his manic episodes. Or go modern day, after the band has broken up (although, I would rather Adam and Marco still be on speaking terms, so maybe it should be prior to 2010). Or! Go crack! Make it goofy and silly, I don't really mind either way. You could do something along the lines of Antcomics (the most adorable Adam Ant webcomic ever) and have all of the boys living together being very domestic. Basically, what I'm getting at is if you're willing to write Adam and the Ants RPF, I am going to love it, no matter what!

Van Helsing - I would love to see a story set after Van Helsing gets bitten by Velkan, where he and Carl have to deal with the whole werewolf issue. My favourite scene in the movie is when they're in the water after Dracula's ball, and Gabriel attacks Carl because he's losing control. Something along those lines would be greatly appreciated! Carl/Van Helsing is my preferred pairing, but Van Helsing/Dracula is fine too (although, in that case it probably shouldn't be fluffy... that's more of a non-con/dub-con situation in my mind). The darker the subject matter, the better the fic where this canon is concerned... although, I have read some really cute schmoop, so if you're really not in the mood for a depressing Yule, you can go fluffy here too.

Automan - You've got free rein with this fic. As long as it has Walter, Auto and (hopefully) Cursor, I'm gonna love it. Because I'm a sick twist, I do enjoy the times when Auto is running low on power so if you want to include something like that in your story, I'll be your best friend. But really, I'm very easy to please. Maybe a first time fic, where Auto wants a demonstration of man-on-man lovins from Walter? I dunno, maybe the Captain sends them in undercover in a gay club, and Auto is confused by what's going on in the back rooms (you don't really see that in any John Travolta movies, after all). Fluffy fic is fine where these two are concerned, Auto's relative innocence lends itself well to that.

Coldfire Trilogy - I like the dynamics between Tarrant and Vryce. I like that they have to work together even though neither one of them really wants to, and I like the sort of grudging respect they end up developing towards the end. However, I also like that (in my mind, at least) Tarrant's an evil bastard with a heart of pyrite. Let's keep him like that, okay? I really don't see the Hunter doing cute and fluffy. Also, I can't help but imagine that hate sex would be very satisfying for a being that feeds on negative emotions. I'm just tossing that out there ^_~.

Thanks again for offering to write something amazing for me, I can't wait to read it!


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Date: 2011-11-18 10:32 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] whatistigerbalm
I hope somebody writes Automan!


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