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Fandom: The Mentalist
Warnings: No standard notes apply
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 650

Summary: Red John finds new inspiration in his favourite game.

It hadn't taken long for Red John to realise his game wasn't nearly as much fun as he had thought it would be )
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Fandom: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Warnings: It's a creepy 14-year-old being creepy. Sort of like canon, only with less hospital beds.

Inspired by this get up. Just because.

He stands silently outside the door to her room, listening to the steady roar of the water from the shower. )
A/N: I may have taken some liberties with the outfit. Manga and anime are visual art forms, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto never felt like being over descriptive with his clothing.
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This is, in case you couldn't tell, a writing journal. I will be posting original work here, as I am occasionally inspired in my life to write something completely off the cuff. More often than not, however, I will be posting fanfiction. I cannot guarantee that I will update regularly, and I cannot guarantee that what I post will be good. I haven't shown my work to anyone but my dogs since college, and that was more years ago than I like to count. But it will be mine. And, should you find you like my style, I will always take requests ^_~.

I specialise is gen and slash/yaoi fic. I have a fondness for darker fics; h/c, non-con, D/s. Very few things squick me. I can also write fluff and crack when the mood strikes me, and all fics will be warned accordingly.

My current fandoms are:

Anita Blake
Being Human
Doctor Who (both Classic and New!Who)
Weiss Kreuz

My fanfiction (when I've posted it) will also be on my FF.Net account.


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