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2013-07-05 09:48 pm
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Kink Bingo 2013 - Gender Play

Fandom: True Blood
Warnings: No standard notes apply
Rating: Gen
Summary: 16 icons of Bon Temps most fabulous son, Lafayette Reynolds!

Here there by wonders! )
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2013-07-01 10:54 pm
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Kink Bingo 2013 - Card 1

anonymity genital torture confined / caged wet messy dirty prostitution / sex work
gender play nippleplay / tit torture vanilla kink emotion play body alteration / injury
dirty talk rough body play wildcard orgies / decadence tickling
roleplay enemas dressup silk velvet feathers furs altered states
drugs / aphrodisiacs subspace / headspace authority figures animal play mummification / immobilization
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2012-07-14 01:32 am

Kink Bingo 2012 - Emotion Play

Fandom: The Mentalist
Warnings: No standard notes apply
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 650

Summary: Red John finds new inspiration in his favourite game.

It hadn't taken long for Red John to realise his game wasn't nearly as much fun as he had thought it would be )
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2012-07-13 11:04 pm
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2012-07-11 11:34 pm
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Kink Bingo 2012 - Guro

Fandom: Historical RPF, Jack the Ripper
Warnings: Non-con, character death, VIOLENCE VIOLENCE VIOLENCE
Rating: R
Word Count: 1550

Summary: An artist at work.

He'd told her his name was Jack )
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2011-10-01 04:37 am
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Kink Bingo 2011 - Sex Toys (Under Clothing)

Fandom: Adam Ant RPF
Warnings: Unbeta'd and written at 4 in the morning when inspiration struck. I suppose that should be warned for.
Rating: PG-13...ish
Word Count: 950

Summary: It's a strange ritual even for a musician to have.

Musicians are strange people. Adam knew that first hand. )
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2011-10-01 03:10 am
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2011-09-30 08:59 pm
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2011-09-30 04:18 pm
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2011-09-28 01:13 am
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2011-06-09 11:32 pm

Kink_Bingo 2011 - Uniforms / Military Kink

Fandom: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Warnings: It's a creepy 14-year-old being creepy. Sort of like canon, only with less hospital beds.

Inspired by this get up. Just because.

He stands silently outside the door to her room, listening to the steady roar of the water from the shower. )
A/N: I may have taken some liberties with the outfit. Manga and anime are visual art forms, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto never felt like being over descriptive with his clothing.